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Are you planning to emigrate to beautiful Andalusia? And have you already studied the Comarca los Vélez? JM Real Estate Consulting Spain will be happy to explain more about our beautiful region.

The Los Vélez region is located in the northernmost part of the province of Almería. It has a total area of 1,145 km² with great ecological wealth, as there is the protected area of the Sierra Maria-Los Vélez Natural Park. It offers beautiful landscapes for the development of nature tourism.

This natural space is bordered to the north and east by the region of Murcia, to the south by the regions of the Almanzora Valley and the Levante of Almería, and to the west by the province of Granada. It is formed by 4 municipalities: Vélez-Blanco, a territory with plenty of artistic and cultural heritage; Vélez Rubio with architecture and town planning that is admirable; Maria, a natural and archaeological area with great tourist attractions; and Chirivel, where a Roman site of great historical interest can be found.

The historical ancestry of Los Vélez dates back to prehistoric times, when primitive men used the area’s rock caves to form their communities. This is evidenced by archaeological finds of paintings made from charcoal mixed with animal fat. These finds show that the ancient tradition began more than 18,000 years ago. The first inhabitants found a paradise of fertile lands, ideal for settling and thriving.

Its archaeological riches are seen in the 25 prehistoric caves (in Andalusia there are 79 sites of this type of cave painting) found in the mountains of Los Vélez. It was here where the Indalo was found, a symbol used by many in Almeria. The people believed it to offer protection against accidents.

The painting of the Warlock was also found in this area, in the cave “Los Letreros”. This cave is an important room, historically very relevant. Here we find several representative drawings of Neolithic art and of the Copper Age. This cave is described as a national historic monument, a world heritage site and an area of cultural interest.

Throughout history, Los Vélez has become a region where various elements are of great importance in Almería and throughout Spain, such as:

  • Archaeological sites with utensils and prehistoric paintings, recognised as World Heritage Sites.
  • Various architectural constructions that are national monuments.
  • Historical sets with unique traditional features.
  • Elements of ethnographic heritage, including hydraulic factories, farms and reservoirs.
  • Sierra Maria-Los Velez Natural Park, a protected natural area.

The Los Vélez region is not only worth knowing for its archaeological riches, but also for the beautiful views of the nearby landscapes. Areas such as the Sierra de Maria, the Sierra de la Muela, the Sierra Larga and Gigante and the Maimon offer an unforgettable view.

Vélez-Rubio is the village that serves as the entrance to Andalusia. It is also the head of the Los Vélez region and opens the doors to the Sierra Maria-Los Velez natural park, a 22,000 hectare nature reserve that has been protected since 1987.

In this natural park you can enjoy a wooded landscape, with dense forests of Aleppo pine and countless bushes of rosemary, esparto and thyme. You will find different kinds of animals here such as hawks, eagles, owls, genets, squirrels and many others. If you want to get out of your daily routine and be in touch with nature, the Sierra Maria los Vélez is definitely worth a walk.

The Comarca Los Vélez is also characterised by the preservation of traditional customs and values by its inhabitants. Although the four municipalities are remarkably different in several respects, the sense of unity remains intact, as each is part of the community.

There is much to know about Los Vélez and it is easy to lose yourself in all that this region has to offer. Think of the many hiking trails and recreational areas, the botanical garden Umbria de la Virgen, the historical sites such as the castle in Vélez Blanco and the Church of the Incarnation in Vélez Rubio.


Are you planning to emigrate to beautiful Andalusia? Then the Comarca los Vélez should definitely not be missed in your search. When you are in the los Vélez region, you will surely fall in love with its architectural and natural beauties, all of which represent a journey through history, from the earliest civilisations to the present day.


Would you like to know more about the Comarca los Vélez? Then don’t hesitate to contact us. The team of JM Real Estate Consulting Spain will be happy to tell you more about this beautiful region.

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